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Attached two-way cast iron gate
Attached two-way cast iron gate

Wall-mounted two-way water-stop cast iron gate, cast iron inlaid copper gate

1. Working principle of wall-attached two-way water-stop cast iron gate The gate is driven by the hoist to roll the opening and closing nut. Under the action of the trapezoidal thread, the screw drives the gate body to move up and down to cut off or dredge the water flow.

2. Technical parameters Nominal diameter DN of round gate, width×height of rectangular gate (A×B), height H from gate center to hoist base, bearing direction (forward, reverse, two-way), device form ( Flange type, wall type, wall attached type), start method (manual, electric). Leakage of the gate: when the forward pressure should be ≤0.5L/min.m, when the reverse pressure should be ≤0.7L/min.m

3. The wall-attached two-way water-stop cast iron gate is mainly composed of door frame, door body, guide rail, wedging device, sealing surface and other components.

1) The door frame is made of cast iron. The two sides of the door frame are equipped with guide grooves, which are used as guide rails for the door body to lift after finishing. The plane of the door frame is finished by planing and vertical turning, and a groove is processed separately to inlay the bronze sealing surface.

2) Wall-attached two-way water-stop cast iron gate, the gate body is a square or round flat plate cast all over, and there is a "#"-shaped stiffener on the front surface. The number of stiffeners depends on the size of the gate, the general distance Between 250-350mm, the door body plane is finished with grooves inlaid with copper strips so as to insert the bronze sealing surface. The two sides of the door body are finished with the side grooves of the door frame to form an upper and lower rail. There are lifting lugs on the upper end of the door. The lifting lugs are made of cast steel. The two contact surfaces of the door and the lifting lugs are finished and fixed with bolts. The pin holes of the lifting lugs are processed by a boring machine.

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