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Attached wall type double lifting point cast iron gate
Attached wall type double lifting point cast iron gate

Gates are installed on empty gates of structures such as overflow dams, bank spillways, vents, hydraulic tunnels and sluices, to regulate flow, control the upstream and downstream water levels, discharge floods, remove sediment or floating objects, etc. It is an important part of hydraulic structures. In a sluice project, the gate is the main part and often occupies most of the water retaining area. Gates are divided into flat gates and arc gates.

Classification of cast iron steel gate

There are many ways to classify gates. The first are: ①According to the nature of the operation of the gate, it can be divided into operation gates, maintenance gates and incident gates. The operation gate is also called the primary gate, which can be opened and closed in moving water. The inspection gate is located in front of the operation gate. It is used for short-term water retention during maintenance of buildings or operating gates, etc., generally opened and closed in still water. Incident gates are mostly installed in front of deep hole operation gates. They can be closed in moving water and open in static water when buildings or equipment exhibit incidents; when they are also used as maintenance gates, they are also called incident maintenance gates; they need to be closed tightly within a limited time. The incident gate is called the fast gate. ②According to the relative position of the top of the gate and the water surface when the gate is closed, it is divided into an exposed gate and a down-the-hole gate. ③According to the appearance and shape of the door leaf, it is divided into plane gate, arc gate, herringbone gate, arch gate, spherical gate and cylindrical gate. ④According to the data of manufacturing door leaf, it is divided into steel gate, cast iron inlaid copper gate, wooden gate, reinforced concrete gate and combined data gate.

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