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Concealed rod round gate
Concealed rod round gate

Product introduction of gate manufacturers

The gate is used to close and open the control facility of the water discharge (discharge) channel. An important part of hydraulic structures can be used to block water flow, control water level, control flow, discharge sediment and floats, etc.

The gate generally consists of three parts: movable part (also called door leaf), buried part and hoisting machinery. The door leaf includes: load-bearing structure, walking support, support arm, support hinge, water-stop equipment, lifting lugs, etc. Buried parts include: track, hinge seat, water stop, corner protector, etc. Commonly used opening and closing machinery are: hoisting, hydraulic, screw and mobile machinery.

Gates are installed on empty gates of structures such as overflow dams, bank spillways, drain holes, hydraulic tunnels and sluices, to control flow, control the upper and lower water levels, discharge floods, and remove sediment or floating objects. It is an important part of hydraulic structures. In a sluice project, the gate is the main part and often occupies most of the water retaining area. The gates are divided into flat gates and arc gates.

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