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Concealed rod type cast iron round gate
Concealed rod type cast iron round gate

  1. The cast iron inlaid copper square gate is composed of door frame, gate, guide rail, sealing strip, drive screw, lifting block nut/hanging lug and adjustable sealing organization. The door frame and gate are made of high-quality gray cast iron or ductile iron. , The guide rails are arranged symmetrically and connected with the two side ends of the door frame with stainless steel bolts and positioning pins (for the gate with small diameter, the guide rail can be cast into a whole with the door frame). The length of the guide rail is generally 1/2~1/ of the full opening height of the gate. 3. Therefore, the overall structure has high strength, high rigidity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and large pressure bearing capacity.

    2. The sealing material is made of copper alloy or rubber through the wedge tightening of the wedge device, and it has been finely processed and grind, so the sealing performance is good.

    3. Use pre-embedded steel plate or pre-embedded bolt type device, which is convenient to install, debug, use and maintain, and has a long service life.

    4. Complete type standards and wide adaptability.

    5. Used in conjunction with the hoist, the gate is the working part, and the gate is the executive part of opening and closing the gate. The hoist is driven by the gears, worm gears, etc. of the transmission equipment driven by manpower, electric motor, pneumatic or hydraulic organization. The rotation of the transmission nut or the screw causes the gate shaft to move straight up and down, thereby opening or closing the gate to reach the purpose of water, shutting off or regulating the water level.

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