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Concealed rod type cast iron inlaid copper square gate
Concealed rod type cast iron inlaid copper square gate

The gate is used to close and open the control facility of the water discharge channel. An important part of hydraulic structures can be used to intercept water flow, control water level, regulate flow, discharge silt and floats, etc.

Product composition of gate manufacturers

The gate is mainly composed of three parts:

① The active part of the main body, used to close or open the orifice gate, commonly known as the gate, also known as the gate leaf;

②Buried part;

③ Opening and closing equipment.

Our gate manufacturers classify water conservancy gates as follows:

1. According to the nature of the operation of the gate, it can be divided into operation gate, maintenance gate and accident gate.

2. According to the relative position between the top of the gate and the water surface when the gate is closed, it can be divided into an exposed gate and a down-the-hole gate.

3. According to the appearance and shape of the gate leaf, we can divide it into flat gate, arc gate, herringbone gate, arch gate, spherical gate and cylindrical gate.

4. According to the data of manufacturing gate leaf, it is divided into steel gate, casting gate, wooden gate, reinforced concrete gate and combined data gate. The flap gate can be opened and closed automatically by hydraulic power, which is called hydraulic active gate.

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