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Jizhou Xinertai Hydraulic Machinery is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the design, manufacturing and mass production of hydraulic machinery hoists and gates. Our factory has sophisticated production equipment, strong technical force, perfect testing methods and sound quality Assurance system, the product structure of our factory is reasonable, the performance is reliable, and the variety is complete. After the inspection of the water quality inspection department, all technical indicators have reached the industry standard.
The main products are (1) screw hand-operated hoist 3T-30T: hand-push with lock type, fully enclosed type 0.3-5T, screw side swing type 0.5-5T, dual-use flashlightScrew hoist3T-100T (single and double lifting points). (2) QPQ, QPK, QPG, QHQ single hoist, double hoisting point, mobile hoistHoist6-100T. (3) Cast iron gates, high pressure cast iron gates, ductile iron gates, nickel-chromium alloy cast iron gates, copper-inlaid cast iron gates, shot gates, tide gates, steel gates,Stainless steel gateWait. (4) Various specifications of rubber waterstops and rubber bearings. Our factory has accumulated a wealth of experience. In terms of product quality, we dare to guarantee in front of customers.
The company takes "quality is the source of enterprise life, reputation is the cornerstone of enterprise survival and development" as its creed. It captures high-tech information at any time, and understands advanced and mature technical equipment in the water treatment industry in order to better serve customers and recommend them to customers Environmental protection equipment with low cost, high efficiency and easy operation.

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